The Dangers Of Substandard Building Materials

With the economic climate being as it is, pitiful, many people are looking for ways with which to save cash. The single thing you shouldn’t, ever compromise on is building materials. Making use of substandard building materials is not only dishonest, it is downright dangerous.

Think about the following situation:

A contractor is operating with limited funds and is forced to scrimp in constructing the building in order to make it. Instead of using the quality of steel reinforced concrete that is stipulated within the architect and civil engineers decided will be able to carry the strain of the building under any kind of situation, he decides to go only one grade lower, which is nevertheless adequate to carry the building under the majority of circumstances. The problem is that at the opening ceremony, more people appear than anticipated and their combined actions and weight cause the substandard building materials to begin to suffer. Through the next few years, the building has a number of functions including noisy music with driving base and a lot of synchronised movement. Until, about five years down the line, the substandard building materials give way and the entire structure collapses, killing everybody inside at that time.

Not really a pretty image is it?

The fact is buildings are made to have a particular quality of building materials used in the development for a reason. The requirements are worked out by people who have studied for years in an array of topics such as physics and chemistry. They know how much each kind of material will be able to handle and what type of material will probably be perfect for a specific use. It is really silly to ignore them.

The use of substandard building materials happen to be suggested as a factor in the severity of the collapses Haiti encountered when they were shaken by an earthquake recently. It has been said that many individuals would still be alive and much more structures still standing if there were correct building standards in place that banned the use of low quality building materials in construction.

The use of low quality building materials has been the cause of many a building collapse and increasing the severity of a number of other natural disasters. It is much safer just to make use of the correct building materials for the project you are dealing with, regardless of how safe the future might seem. It is not possible to calculate exactly what uses the building you’re creating is going to be put to when you’re no longer involved in maintaining it and it’ll fall on your head if it is discovered that the materials used in the construction had been of a low quality and that this was a primary factor in the death of innocents.

It may cost you a little more at first to get the building up and running, but it will cost you more if you have rebuild the entire building and pay for the legal cases which will definitely be sent your way. Be honest and use building materials that are of the proper quality.

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